Torgas ® Roots

The 100 % natural & extremly longlife toy for all dogs that love to chew.

Made from a robust and durable root wood each „Torga“ is a unique, hand crafted dog toy manufactured sustainably in Portugal.

On the german market since 2006 Torga has become popular and is recommended by enthusiasitic dog owners and trainers.

Torga is also an ideal alternative for dogs that like dog chews but need to watch their weight, dogs on a vegetarian diet and puppies teething!

Torgas Herstellung

Torga – The Story

Living and working a part of the year in our mountain retreat in Central Portugal, the artist Berno Plorin discovered a root wood indigenous to the region called „Torga“ as an interesting material for his sculpturing work.
One day our dog Bica found one of the sculptures and her way of experiencing art work was of course to chew on it!
She seemed to enjoy it very much even so she wasn’t able to gnaw it to shreds like she usually does with any other thing she gets hold off. We decided to leave it to her and later we could watch Bicas canine friends become as excited about the Torga as she was – and a new dog toy was born!



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